Bộ quản lý nguồn TAKSTAR EB-16DY

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  • Bảo hành 12 tháng
  • Mã hàng EB-16DY
  • Thương hiệu Takstar
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Mô tả

• Sequence output delay time is 1s

• 16 sequence channels + 2 bypass channels

• Each sequence channel has its independent switch, with maximum passing current at 30A

• Leakage switch protection automatically cuts off power supply in case of short circuit, overcurrent and leakage

• One-key bypass function to deal with a variety of harsh conditions

• With USB interface that can be connected to LED lighting for easy operation and control

• Each channel has LED for intuitive status indication

• Real time operation voltage display

• Multifunction socket to link with various power connectors, reliable connection

Thông số

• Panel Color: iron black
• Power Input (single-phase 3-wire): AC90-260V 50-60HZ two-phase (three wires: neutral, live, ground)
• Number of Channels: 16CH relay controlled + 2CH bypass
• Relay Controlled Output Load Single-Channel / Total (reactive power): max 6000W / 10000W reactive power
• Output Power Socket: standard universal socket, flame-retardant ABS, phosphor bronze that withstands 13A current max
• Functional Features:
1. sequential opening and reverse closing;
2. PASS key turns on all channels at the same time;
3. accurate voltage display;
4. leakage, overcurrent, short-circuit protection;
5. independent channel switch on panel;
6. USB interface max output 5V/500mA, can be connected to DJ lights
• Switch Interval: 1 second by default
• Output Relay Contact Current: 30A 277VAC
• Circuit Board Specs: Double-sided fiberboard, secondary thickening and roughing treatment of main power wiring
• Power Supply Specs: built-in switch; globally compatible voltage AC90-260V 50-60HZ
• Main Cable Specs: 3*4mm² cable, 1.5m long
• Switch Type: rocker switch
• Independent Channel Switch: on-panel control
• Voltage Display: red digital tube display
• Protection Circuit Breaker: leakage In 30MA/T≤0.1s, over-current protection, 63A short-circuit protection
• Dimensions: L480mm*W300mm*H89mm (standard 2U)
• Gross Weight: 5.5KG
• Package Size: L580mm*W435mm*H120mm

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